September 20, 2013

Parents on Facebook

My mom and dad is on Facebook. Oh my effing God

I know that it is kind of common for parents nowadays to have their own fb account. But my parents? My parents? I never thought it is even possible.

Now the impossible becomes possible. I really hope this social media account does good to them and vice versa. Parents and technology do not really mix well right?

Okay, here I am ranting about my parents having a Facebook account.  Just maybe I am a little bit worried. I should stop this, I am starting to become more and more like a makcik

But the plus side is, I can contact them through whatsapp now.  All hail free messages with parents

Btw, love you both to bits.  Kiri dan kanan gambar.  Abang kat tengah tu penyibuk

LIKE it of you like it ;)

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Uncle Lee said... REPLY

Hi Sesopie, this coming to you from Canada. ha ha ha, I love your humour! Gosh, you sure made me laugh at your expressions re mom and dad ada FB.
I guess they must be tech savvy, like their lovely daughter.
Anyway....sekarang they boleh gossip, buka cherita, maybe about you, ha ha ha.

You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.
ps, reading your this posting, I can imagine it's fun to have coffee with you...tentu boleh pechah perut laughing.