October 04, 2013

Sofie 'Busy Gila' Azwa

Hi.  Sesungguhnya saya penat.  Penat bekerja.  Ingat jadi buruh kasar je ke penat? Jadi banker pun penat.  Betul.  Tak tipu.

Lepas raya haritu application credit card dengan personal loan mencurah curah macam tak tahu nak stop. Lepas tu kena cover application side SG lagi.  Makanya berkhemah lah saya dari pagi ke malam di ofis tu.

Selalunya ot macam tu on weekdays je.  Tetiba kena extend kerja sampai hari Sabtu.  Sabtu, okay laa lagi.  Tetiba kena extend sampai Ahad lagi.  Hahahahahaha ah.  I've worked for 12 days without any off day.  I may continue doing so this weekend.

I don't actually blame my boss but me. My boss did not force us to go to work everyday.  She does make it compulsory but then if you really can't go, she's okay with it. But I really having trouble saying No especially when she gives me personal email asking about my availability on weekends.

We'll, money is good but then life is quite a mess.  I don't go for my driving class.  I have a pile of laundry waiting to be wash.  And I am kind of tired too.  But it'll try to help as much as I can until my body can't take it anymore. However health is still my priority.

Anyway, i am Sofie busy sangat Azwa, blogging on my bed at 9.55pm.  There goes my time with my precious blog.

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