March 09, 2014

Come Home MH370

Here's my thought on MH370. 

I never thought this kind of thing will happen in modern world. A big airplane vanished in matter of seconds without world noticing. It is 2014 for God sake. But who are we to argue on God's will. Kun Faya Kun. 

This event really sees a world unity.  I keep refreshing twitter timeline in hope of hearing some news on the flight. But none. Too many speculations. Too many finger-pointing. I wish it would all stop. 

Now is not the time to say MAS should be aware of this. Their stewardess should cover their aurah. Stop serving alcoholic beverages. 

Some said pilots are to blame. The head pilot is PKR. An opposition

Some said Anwar's sentence is God's way of warning to Malaysia. 

No. Just stop. Now is not the time to blame each other. Now is not the time to ask MAs change their policy. Not to question people's political view. Let alone say it is God's warning to Malaysia. It is not. 

We should focus on what's important. Unite in the search and rescue mission. That should be the priority. 

We are not God. Stop blaming others. Stop judging others and let alone act like a God like you know why this is happening. Just stop

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