March 23, 2014

Ah Cheng Laksa


Since i am a big fan of laksa,my endless search for delicious laksa comes to an end here. 

Ah Cheng Laksa stall have quite a few branches around Lembah Kelang if i am not mistaken. However i came across one of its branch at Festival KL, Setapak. 

Located at second floor of Festival City is a tiny stall with a limited amound of table and seats around it. 

You can either eat your laksa there or bring it home. The price is quite pricey for me. A bowl of laksa for rm 7.90. A cup of drinks for 2.50. However if you choose a set of meal either curry laksa or assam laksa the price is only rm9.90 per set. 

So i ordered 2 sets of assam laksa with drinks. Drinks choice is quite limited too. Only longan, soy and etc a total of 5 to 6 drinks only. 

The downside of it is you have to pay extra for an egg. An egg costs you rm 1.20 each. Bummer. 

So no egg for me this time. I go with the plain assam laksa. The laksa tastes so good. The gravy hits the spot. Enough spices,sour taste and even the texture. True to my liking. 

The seats are limited at the stall at festival kl. I don't know how is it at other branches. You may take away your laksa. They'll wrap your food in a cute bowl for you to take home. Hey,although the name sounds like chinese stall,believe ne it is halal. Even the workers are all malay. Fret not

Hence this is the best laksa i've ever taste in KL. Kl only laa. Still can't beat mym mom's laksa. So have a taste. Try it. Worth every penny. 

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