September 08, 2013

Getting Fit

It is a Sunday morning spent well.  Woke up at 6.30am. Taking my bath and performed my Subuh prayer.  Slept back until I got my friend's message.

We're off to jogging at Titiwangsa this morning.  We usually did this but we mostly chatted instead of exercising. It was good.  Although my legs are allowed shaky after the run, I love the feeling of sweat trickling down my body.  I guess my fat is crrying as I burned them.  Sorry saturated fat.

We ran for almost 5km today.  Running and walking obviously. Did some ladder climbing and log hopping.  Sit up and pumping a little bit. Yes, we are having an adrenaline rush today.

Just downloaded Nike Running app today.  And it is good.  It tells you how many calories you burnt, how many km you have ran and how many time you have taken while you run. 

Am at home now feeling all tired but happy.  I want to be fit.  I want to do this weekly if I can. Let's be fit together.

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nak buat gak, tapi xtau kt mana! ahah. acer suggest cket